Frequently Asked Questions

What are you planning for the site?

The project was submitted to the City for a 34-storey mixed-use tower, with retail and commercial uses at street level and residential uses above. The building will give prominence to the facades of the Richard Bigley Building and the other heritage buildings located on the site.

What is the timing for the project?

The rezoning application for the project was submitted on December 21, 2018. The approvals process varies from project-to-project, but we will do our best to maintain an updated timeline on the Status page of this website.

How will the heritage buildings be incorporated into the project?

The project will retain the heritage facades of the Richard Bigley Building, along with the building at 100-104 Queen Street East. Our architects carefully designed the podium and tower of the building to give prominence to the existing heritage buildings. The tower setbacks above the heritage buildings to provide a reveal to their design. For more details, please see the Heritage Impact Assessment Report found on the Status page of this website.

How can I get involved?

Continue to check this website for updates to the project and community meeting announcements on the Status page. In the meantime, visit the Contact page to send us your questions and feedback on the project.

All renderings are artist's concept.

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